Datawere endeavours to keep an agnostic stance when recommending tools, techniques or methodologies.

However, some tools tend to stand-out because they have unique features and benefits.

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  Data! Data! Data! He cried impatiently I can’t make bricks without clay!

– Sherlock Holmes
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Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.

– Charles Babbage

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What gets measured gets managed

- Peter Drucker

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Acquiring new customers can cost 5 to 10 times more

Than the costs involved in satisfying and retaining current customers

- Phillip Kotler

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The simplest explanation is more likely to be accurate than a complex one

- Occam’s razor

FastStats Product Suite

A good Marketer should have a thorough and up-to-date understanding of their customers and the market they operate in.  However their ability to maintain this rigour of knowledge is frequently hampered by a lack of resource or skills.

FastStats has been specifically developed for the marketer to ensure that they can have access to this level of detailed knowledge.  Its user friendly design enables people with a limited analytical or data background to perform complex analysis across vast amounts of data.  This is particularly useful for handling “Big Data”, as it can process millions of customer records in the blink of an eye.

FastStats puts the power to make informed decisions back into the hands of the Marketer.  More importantly it enables you to automate a multitude of tasks, from designing and disseminating ‘standard’ reports to establishing a communication strategy that reacts to on-line customer interactions with your digital media.

The FastStats product suite has been widely used in the European and North American markets for over a decade. It is developed by Apteco in the UK ( and is rapidly becoming the tool that Marketers are relying upon.

Datawere is a licensed reseller and trainer of the FastStats suite.


Origins is a unique customer segmentation tool that is widely used across the UK, Canada, and Australia.  It is used as a basis to form an understanding of health, communication and product preference.

It uses onomastic modelling to segment the population based upon their names and the country the names originate from.

One of the principles that it follows is that people will continue to follow family values and traditions.  These inturn influence the decisions made when choosing products and services as well as the channel used to purchase them.

Relationship Monitor

Relationship Monitor is a business to business solution designed to provide senior managers with a holistic view of their business environment.

It creates a score that can be used on an ongoing basis to identify strengths and weaknesses within an organisation.

A typical application of Relationship Monitor would be to support internal CAPEX and OPEX requirements to improve business performance.  It can do this by using a score to objectively assess the performance of underperforming business areas and any strategies introduced to rectify under perfomance.

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